Reasons to have an ATM in 2022

A lot of potential upsides for having ATMs in 2022
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While many of us are still absorbing the events of 2020, the year 2022 is rapidly approaching. Many things have changed in the last two years, but trends have stayed similar across all industries, such as consumers' increased need for personalization and consistency across platforms.

Customers are increasingly considering their alternatives in the financial realm and are not necessarily remaining loyal to their present institutions. 

In this environment, it may seem logical to restrict ATMs due to worries about the cleanliness and the need for cashless items. Still, we at ATM Marketplace believe it is better to expand the ATM network in 2022.

You still don't trust us? Here are two reasons you should consider adding additional ATMs to your store.

They make banking more accessible

First, ATMs had aided banks in providing essential banking services to their clients, particularly during periods when government COVID-19 limitations forced branches to shut. Consequently, several banks plan to boost their ATM count in 2021.

In reality, according to the ATM Software Trends Report, 43% of banks increased the number of ATMs they installed, while 29% kept the same number. Banks provided several reasons for doing so in the research, but one recurring argument was that consumers required cash regardless of whether the branch was open.

Aside from the pandemic threat, people prefer banking on their terms. They don't want to travel to a bank during restricted hours to withdraw cash, pay a bill, or deposit checks, and ATMs may assist with that, leading to the following argument.

Traditionally, ATMs merely disbursed cash to clients, but this is gradually changing, thanks to the addition of a slew of new features that assist deliver a whole out-of-branch experience.

Banks will need solutions that improve the customer's banking experience in 2022 if they are to flourish, and self-service options such as ATMs will help them do so.

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