Zero Investment – 100% Profit: The first thing most businesses consider in any decision is the associated cost, so you’ll be pleased to know that we do not require any payment of any kind and will never ask a business owner for a single cent for any of our standard services.

Increase Traffic to Your Business or Location - We have a focus on the “internet of things” and social media to generate business. We use a wide variety of advertising platforms at our expense to drive customers to our ATM machines, which, in turn, will drive customers to your business.

Expert Service - Our ATM machines are serviced and loaded by trained professionals that inspect each ATM on a regular basis to ensure perfect function and constantly available funds. This guarantees that not only will the new customers you will receive from operating a BayTM Solutions ATMs always have access to cash, but that our business represents your business in only the most professional fashion.

Retain Your Customers - Whether you know it or not many of your customers want convenient access to cash. Many people who use ATM’s will actually spend a portion of what is withdrawn at the business an ATM is located in or around. There is no reason that the business they are spending that money at should not be yours.

Zero investment needed
Improve the customer experience
Differentiate yourself from the competition
Expert service and reliability
Technicians available 24/7 for maintenance and free repairs
Provide a convenience your customers
can count on

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